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Bengal Cat White And Black

The bengal cat breed offers a rich range of stunning colors shades and patterns that make them among the most beautiful and outstanding looking cats. This distinct contrast makes these attractive cats.

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A bengal cat that carries the snow gene is a cat that has received only 1 copy of the gene.

Bengal cat white and black. Ultimately bengal breeders would like all of their cats to have black on their face and apb may be the way to get there. Silver bengal cat image credit. This bengal cat can then be brown silver or even melanistic all black and be able to produce snow bengal kittens.

Black colored bengal cats these are often referred to as black panthers because of the appearance of black patterns on the black background. This can also include charcoal and blue shading in both base coat and patterns but should never include brown or golden tones on the feet or face. The result is a beautiful chocolate color that varies depending on whether the bengal is a solid snow lynx mink or sepia.

Silver bengals have an almost pure white base coat that can vary from white to a steel like silver shade contrasted by black and grey spotted or marbling patterns. Bengal cats come in two pattern styles. Marble patterns look like elongated blotchy tabby stripes and are the rarer pattern style among bengals.

In appearance his color won t be affected which means he will not show any white shades. Blue bengal breed cat is very rare to find and have a lot of demand among bengal cats and kitten breeders. As for bengal cat colors they re like your typical cats there s a wide variety.

Spot patterns can look like a cheetah s or a jaguar s. Silver is the latest accepted color among the bengal breed. The silver bengal has a silver color almost white with some black markings on the body.

The snow gene makes the bengal cat white and the melanistic gene makes the bengal cat black. Often these cats have at least one copy of the asian leopard cat agouti gene called apb.

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