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Persian Cat Doll Face Female

Solid Blue Female Doll Face Persian Kitten for Sale. Duncan is a male green eyed Blue Tabby persian kitten.

Kismet Kittens Has 3 New Golden Shaded Doll Face Persian Kittens Will Green Eyes 2 Mal Persian Cat Doll Face Persian Kittens For Sale Persian Cats For Sale

Clearly Doll Face kittens are healthier and better looking we think version of the Persian Himalayan and Exotic Shorthair cat breeds.

Persian cat doll face female. Doll Face Persian cats are also known as Traditional or Old Fashioned Persians. 1 female is a chinchilla baby doll persian named else. According to the Traditional Cat Breed Association TCA this type of Persian is considered the originaltraditional Persian and they support that position through early images of the breed displayed on their websiteThis Persian has a normal length nose that is in proportion with the rest of its face and skull structure yet it still has that distinctive Persian look.

Today these cats still look virtually the same as the oldest available images of Persian cats. But if you are going for a cute name think of your kittys color size and personality to serve as your guide. This applies to the persian cat doll face as well as they are a purebred cat breed.

We are not a pet store and do not sell our kittens to just anyone. Our Doll Face Persian Kittens are some of the most excellent comical gentle relaxed and most importantly loyal pets around. All our kittens are raised in a very loving.

Doll Faced Cream Persian Female Kitten - 12 Weeks Old - YouTube. Persian Male Female. Persians can come in different looks Some known as Peke-face Persians have an extremely flat face.

Most Persians have a medium to large build usually classified as cobby meaning stocky and short-legged. Scroll down for more information on Furrleena. The Persian is a lazy laid back breed who much prefer to lounge around the house either on your lap at your feet or in a particularly sunny spot nearby.

Blue is a female green eyed Shaded Silver persian kitten. Nurture or spayed within a year. Persians chests are broad and deep with equally.

This variant is believed to be the original Persian cat. She was born on 7914 and will be able to leave for her new home in 4-7 weeks depending on if she is going to a local family or having to be delivered out of state. Adopt Lulu a Cream or Ivory Persian Mixed medium coat cat in Davenport Persian Davenport FL Lulu is a lover she is also a cat that likes to be alone and just relax.

Furrleena Sold. Open round and beguiling. Doll-face Persians are said to have a more old-fashioned appearance with a face that is not as flat as the show Persian or the Peke-face Persian.

Healthy and eats on their own as well as litter trained. Doll Face Persian Kittens. Adorable teacup Persian Kittens.

Most have adorable flattened faces and elegant calm beauty. Think twice about the breathing problems such a cat might have before deciding to get one. Gccf tica or fife.

In 1950 s a genetic mutation caused a change in breed s face and the newborns came up with scrunched features like we see now. When looking for inspiration you can consider regal names. Rather than having the extreme pushed in facial structure that selective breeding among fanciers has created Doll Face kittens have a much more normal-appearing face the natural and traditional facial structure for these gorgeous felines.

The traditional doll-face Persians mouth and nose are located well in front of the eyes but their faces still retain the unique Persian pansy look. The flat or brachycephalic face shape of this Persian variant is caused by a genetic mutation and while it gives them a look that is favored by breeders the shortened muzzle can cause extreme difficulties for these cats when it comes to breathing. Ad updated 81614 precious gems persians has 3 available kittens.

Dora has been adopted. The other 2 kittens are 1 female and 1 male. Doll Face Persian Kittens.

Option for ShotsVet VisitsNurture-Spade with Banfield Wellness plan. Duncan has been adoptd. This type of Persian does not exhibit extreme features.

Doll Face Persian Kittens. Blue has been adopted. Dora is a female blue eyed Flame Point persian kitten.

All kittens have been vet checked and come with Cfa papersfirst shotsvaccinations as well as a health certificate along with parents paperwork testing negative for feline leukemia HIV and PKD. Doll Face Persian Kittens. Doll Faced Cream Persian Female Kitten - 12 Weeks Old.

Persians are a distinctive looking cat. We have 8 beautiful Cfa Dollface Persian kittens male female available for there forever loving new homes. Female persian doll face grey persian cat.

Doll Face Kittens As a pet 850 no papers Ready 6 Weeks Old Mild tempered loving great with kids and other animals.

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