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What Colors Are Persian Cats

To determine what color your Persian kitten will be use the Color Calculator by choosing the color of the Father mated to the color of the Mother in the Index below shown in alphabetical order. Persian cat is found in chocolate and lilac color.

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These colors are standard but are not found common in stores and shelters.

What colors are persian cats. Bi-Color Persians have big copper eyes with the exception of the silver tabby with white who have green or hazel eyes. Persians of all stripes stand out for their infinite variety of coat colors and patterns. Bi-Color to Bi-Color Color Calculator.

Ad Health is most important and integrity of your breeder is supporting that feature. Persian cat colors pictures. Imagine if you will seven solid color divisionswhite blue black red cream chocolate and lilacplus silver and golden division colors of chinchilla and shaded silver or golden and blue chinchilla and blue shaded silver or golden.

Persian cat colors include. Well copper eyes are also found in brown Persian cats with some having super dark tones to carry. The color should be a rich warm lavender with a pinkish tone.

Many people look for Persian cats carrying the gene of chocolate or lilac color. Not just the colour but I believe these cats are brilliant too. What color kitten will your Persian cats have- see below Purrinlots Color Charts.

Bi-Color to Bi-Color Van Color Calculator. Lilac colored cats are very appealing as they are very rate and the color. Actual plug in your cats color and sex Bi-color to Bi-color found below solids adn tabbies-----If you have a solid and a bicolor just add the word white to the breeding and use the chart below.

Tonkinese often have aqua. The Greek god cat. Find your 4 legged Friend.

And the eyes are deep blue or even copper colouredwell mostly. Brown mackeral tabbies are the most common. And then there are the shaded smoke tabby calico particolor and bicolor divisions.

Persian Cat Color Calculator Index. Like all dilute colors a paler version of the originalcream instead of red or blue instead of black. October 14 2020 there are 20 recognized colors of the himalayan cat which is technically a coat variation of the persian breed.

The lilac Persian also comes from the Himalayan color spectrum. Kitten to help show the color differences between lilac and chocolate colors. Golden White Bicolor Persian Kittens.

As with black there is often a smoky look to a young kitten or cats coat. The Van pattern is a white cat with. Red Blue Blue-Silver Brown Cameo Silver and Cream Eyes are copper-colored with the exception of the Silver coats which may have Green or Hazel colored-eyes.

Distinct color patterns with one color predominating. Cats with the point-restricted color pattern like the Siamese have blue eyes because of a gene that is linked to albinism. The Bi-Colors may come in one of two patterns Classic and Van.

Black stripes ranging from coal black to brownish on a background of brown to gray. Take a few minutes to contemplate this breed in all its glory. The regal appearance of these cats is well owed to their white hair pink nose and pink paw pads.

Eyes are copper-colored with the exception of the Silver coats which may have Green or Hazel colored-eyes. The Classic pattern is a cat that is white on the legs and underside and the color is on the top and sides.

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