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What To Feed My Persian Kitten

Most cat foods are made from meat but you can also feed your Persian cat chicken salmon turkey beef or rabbit. The cat is old the cat is perfectly healthy and active the poster feeds wet food occasionally but not often the poster is on a college budget and the poster is concerned about UTIs that the cat has never had before.

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Persians like to eat wet and dry food alike.

What to feed my persian kitten. Whether a kitten or a fully grown Persian cat the first step to bathing them will be to get them used to warm water 37 C to 38 C or 985º F to 1005º F. Persians require a balanced diet which a variety of quality wet and dry foods can provide them. Divide their food portions between dry and wet kitten food.

In more extreme cases these physical characteristics may require medical intervention to allow the cat to live a normal life. Persian cats tend to detest water. Feed half of the kittens wet food allocation for the day refrigerate the rest of the part.

Get and dispose of. Therefore either feeding your kitten on dry kitten food or wet kitten food alone should be sufficient to keep them healthy. On top of that these wet foods provide an extra form of water intake which is extremely important for the Persian cat breed.

For example an 8-pound kitten should consume about 240 calories per day. If your Persian does like drinking water form the bowl you can try buying a cat water fountains. Kittens will sometimes eat grass which may be a source of vegetable matter and nutrients.

You can try feeding her branded wet foods and tuna cans. How Can You Help. How Often Should You Feed Your 4-6-Month-Old Kitten.

As a result many veterinarians recommend that a typical Persian cat diet plan include. Be aware that large amounts of certain types of cat grass can cause high levels of vitamin D which may lead to symptoms of poisoning such as vomiting weakness loss of appetite increased drinking and urination bloody faeces weight loss constipation internal bleeding seizures or abdominal pain. Symptoms include deformed bones bone growths on the elbows and spine and osteoporosis.

When looking for cat food bowls for your Persian kitten its important to note that Persian cats prefer shallow food bowls due to their flat faces. They are Taste of the Wild and Purina Beyond Simply. Persian cats also eat lot of homemade meals.

So its recommend that a typical Persian cat diet plan include roughly 80 wet or moist food and 20 dry food. This is a dangerous condition that can affect your cats bones. Though Blue Buffalos line of cat food is our personal recommendation there are two other foods that will seriously satisfy Persian cats as well.

They have an annual check up at the vets and are in great health possibly because I feed them the best cat food and cook chicken for them - Please dont bath your cat the sake of it regular brushing is all they need in my opinion. Steps to follow. Wheat and Oats- Your cat might not like the taste of wheat or oats.

The basis of my opinion are the facts presented by the original poster. Both are packed with protein and nutrients leaving all of the good stuff in and the bad stuff out. Refer to the feeding guidelines on your kittens food to determine how much to give him per pound of bodyweight.

Change water frequently as there are dust that stick to the top layer of the water. Small amounts of liver are fine but if you feed too much liver to your Persian cat it can lead to vitamin A toxicity. Ultimately it is your responsibility to check your Persian every day for nasal obstructions and breathing problems.

Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Recipe. Make sure the meat is fully cooked before offering it to your cat. As always a kitten will get used to taking a dip more easily than an adult cat.

The reason for this is due to the fact that Persian cats are susceptible to polycystic kidney disease. They love meat just like their big cat relatives in the wild. Kittens in this age group need around 30 calories per pound of body weight per day.

You should provide your Persian a balance of fats proteins carbs minerals and of course vitamins. There are two ways to combination feed a kitten. If the bowl is deep the Persian cat will make a mess trying to get food from the bowl and in some instances they will just refuse to eat from a deep-sided bowl as this can rub against their.

The less pronounced the Persians muzzle the more labored their breathing. For example wet food at 8 is then dry at midday and wet again at 4 pm. Ive heard that these cats are susceptible to polycystic kidney disease.

This can make your kitten to stop drinking that water and look for alternative. Best way to combination feed a kitten. Vitamin A toxicity can also lead to death.

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