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Cute Animals You Can Own In Australia

Neo from Western Australias Caversham Wildlife Park and his fellow Sooty Owls are possibly the cutest animals youll ever see. Very common in Australia they can be seen in other parts of the world as exotic pets.

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From New Zealand to the UK CNN to National Geographic the tag sits comfortably on the shoulders of such an adorable animal that loves to approach admirers quokkas are believed to be so warm around humans because Rottnest has been separated from the mainland for.

Cute animals you can own in australia. It is more of a calm peaceful animal and is not exactly the kind of creature you can cuddle with or pet. Affectionately nicknamed the Mini-Kangaroo wallabies are one of the most fun and energetic exotic pets you can own. Wallabies are commonly seen in the wilds of Australia but actually theyre a pet you can own in certain areas of the US.

Wolves can also be owned with special exotic animal permits. The hermit crab can be handled by older kids but it is best to let the crab do its own thing. Sometimes it isnt practical for certain people to keep a dog or a cat.

Licences help us protect and maintain healthy native animal populations and make sure pet owners have enough experience to safely care for their animals. If you are more interested in the arachnid variety of exotic pets you can even check out tarantulas or even Madagascar hissing cockroaches. If these marine mammals are capable of killing their own young then just imagine what they couldand woulddo to a human.

The name comes from the rough spiny skin under their throats which can look like a beard. It is a very gentle animal and although similar to a Kangaroo it is much smaller. If you want a cute cuddly pet but arent ready to commit to a pup consider a rabbit instead.

They need about the same living area as a small dog. Gilles Ventejol founder of Animal Patient recommends rabbits as a pet owner despite being a specialist in cat and dog health. Ferrets are sociable creatures and will enjoy spending time indoors with you.

Ferrets make interesting and amusing pets. This is a native animal of Australia and it is somewhat a cousin of Kangaroo. These animals need a TON of space to roam so you should only consider them if you live on a sizable amount of land.

Whereas if exotic amphibians are more your style take a look at the axolotls. Wallaby with a baby in the pouch Cute Wallaby baby in pouch Squirrel Monkey. Sure dolphins are cute when youre swimming with them on vacation in Cancun but theyre not nearly as cute when youre reading about how they bludgeon their own offspring to death.

It may sound odd but over the years wild foxes have been bred to live almost like dogs and cats but not. Ferrets must not be kept in cages. Before you apply for a licence youll need to decide what animal you want to keep.

Certainly Chinchillas are not the brightest animals of course but who would want them to be that smart when they are simply supposed to make us love their fluffy nature. Yep thats right you can potentially own this adorable creature that looks like a mini kangaroo. It is really a unique pet to have but they can get quite big and heavy and hence you may need some good enough large space.

Some native birds like budgerigars can be kept without a licence. The most common native animals kept as pets are. They are quite large in comparison to other frogs and they look so vibrant and they are deadly if you do not groom from childhood.

I got a dwarf rabbit upon the insistent and repeated requests of my children to have an animal he says. Foxes are as smart as dogs and could be on the way to domestication. Wallabies are also Herbivores and eat a wealth of plants and vegetables.

Bearded dragons have a gentle nature and make great pets. These Australian Outback natives maybe small compared to a traditional Kangaroo but require a moderately sized playpen in which to run around. The Wallaby looks much like a kangaroo so thats how they got their nickname as mini kangaroos.

Australias most widespread native mammal the four species of echidna are the only surviving monotremes egg-laying mammals on earth alongside the platypus. The squirrel monkey is an adorable little primate that lives in the forest of Central and South America. As a baby Sooty Owls are a veritable ball of feathers - making it hard to believe that this package of fluffy scruffy cuteness grows into such a regal bird.

Squirrel Monkey Baby Squirrel Monkey Patagonian Cavy. And guess what you can absolutely own this totally wild animal thats absolutely harmless. Quokkas arent just the cutest creature in Australia theyve also been labeled the happiest animal in the world.

They are inquisitive friendly and can be quite mischievous animals who love to investigate. Echidnas are so cute that you still want to give them a hug despite knowing that theyre covered with thousands of sharp spikes. Here are five suggestions for alternative pets that can be just as rewarding.

You must be at least 16 years old to hold a licence. Also in some states in the US you need a special license to own one so make sure you check with local registration before getting one. You will be looking at it from a distance as it slowly moves around in the cage burrowing into the sand to hide its tiny face.

The wallaby originates from Australia.

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