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Cat Breeds European Shorthair

The european shorthair is much like the domestic shorthair with a varied ancestry that allows it to have a wide range of colors patterns and temperaments. The breed may not be an eye catcher at first but has strong traits which are rarely matched by other breeds.

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Within pedigreed cat circles confusion swirled around the breed s name because the european shorthair and the british shorthair were used interchangeably despite the fact that the european was bred with different traits than her british celtic bär and exotic counterparts the persian even made its way into certain european breeds.

Cat breeds european shorthair. One of the oldest european cat breeds the european shorthair is the pedigreed standard of the common european house cat. Today the european shorthair may be the most common feline in europe and it may also be the oldest feline breed in continental europe. Known for their adaptable attitudes and friendly personalities this cat breed also has excellent mousing abilities.

Today the celtic shorthair is a breed of its own. Pedigreed european shorthair cats were developed in sweden with an eye toward creating a domesticated feline that had a slightly wild edge to its appearance just like its roman ancestors. Common colors include brown black tan and gray and they re often seen sporting distinctive tabby patterns.

The european shorthair is a breed of cat that you ll see in a large variety of colors and markings. Over the centuries european shorthair cats were known by different names including celtic shorthair cat. Until the 1982 year in central and northern europe particularly in england the european shorthair cat was subjected to crossing with the persian cat for the purpose of changing the phenotype and had very little in common with the appearance of the today s cats.

An exciting mix every cat is unique. The european shorthair is a beautiful cat general he comes in a grey coat with different patterns but you can find it many other coat color and a shorthair as his name says. When it comes to grooming the european shorthair is a fairly low maintenance feline.

The european shorthair called the european in fife and wcf is a cat breed originating in sweden. These felines have round faces medium size bodies and short shiny coats of thick hair. In 1982 the fif recognized the european shorthair cat breed and since then this breed started to develop and to grow even more.

The term has also been used as an elaborate way of referring to common domestic cats of europe causing some confusion as the pedigree cats of this breed also should resemble the typical domestic cats of europe. Male can weight around 15 pounds and females an average of 12 pounds with gorgeous eyes that can go from blue and amber to green and even odd eyed. At first glance an ordinary domestic cat the european shorthair has been a recognised breed with its own standard ever since 1982 nowadays mostly bred in scandinavia.

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