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Cat Breeds With Big Eyes And Flat Face

The singapura which originated in the streets of singapore is tica s smallest registered cat breed and is best known for its large expressive eyes and affectionate playful nature only adding to the cuteness appeal of these pocket sized purring machines. While not the only cats with smushed faces persians are undoubtedly the most popular ones.

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Other flat faced cats include the british shorthair selkirk rex and silver persian.

Cat breeds with big eyes and flat face. And if cats with big eyes melt your heart look for a british shorthair burmese or burmilla. What breed of cat has a flat face and big eyes. Other breeds can include the scottish fold burmese and exotic shorthair.

Brachycephalic cats are flat faced cats that have distorted skulls like persians and himalayans. The british shorthair is another fine example of a flat faced cat breed. Interestingly persians haven t always been a flat faced breed.

The singapura s almond shapd eyes are hazel green or yellow in color. If you want a small and nimble cat the bombay and burmilla breeds are your best bet. The scottish folds flat face is rather adorable and those huge eyes and droopy ears add to the cuteness.

If you want a flat faced cat but you are concerned about the health issues the british shorthair selkirk rex silver persian bombay or burmilla cats are good choices. Yes the persian cat might be the flat face cat poster child of brachycephalic breeds but it s certainly not the only short muzzled beauty out there. Initially these fluffy cats had normal noses until the genes mutated.

When someone says a cat breed with big eyes and flat face most people think about the cute persian. With those round fluffy teddy bear looks it s no wonder it s the most popular cat in britain.

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